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Introducing Fate

Fate – original image by Vedis Seid

Fate is a small fae from the land of Arden who was ripped away from all she knew at the barely adult age of nearly 112 – that would be 1153AD in human time.  Fae of course reach adulthood at eleventy-one.

Her initial adventures taught her how to stay alive then later she learnt the human ways of the apothecary.  Now she finds herself in a strange dark human place called London in their time 1891.  The humans still have a love-hate relationship with fae.  Most treating them as ‘demon’ like all the dark creatures roaming the city.

But there is something else about this cold, cold place, full of iron.  Some dark unseen menace, neither fae nor human, holds Fate back from finding Arden; from finding the place she has searched for these last 7 centuries.


About bread

Looks a bit like my loaf

Looks a bit like my loaf

I love home made bread.  I made many loaves as a teenager then stopped till a few weeks ago.  I am now on the my 3rd or 4th loaf and it tastes good.

I am currently using a 50/50 mix of basic white flour and the lovely Allinson’s Country Grain with Hovis ‘easy yeast’, salt & tap water,  so the cost is roughly 60-70p a 2lb loaf at 2012 UK prices.  I am using the simple recipe in Delia’s “How to Cook”.

We eat about half the loaf just out of the oven because its so good but that means it doesn’t last the whole week for the two of us.  Am supplementing with a small seedy brown sliced loaf which is all right for cheesy toasties and the odd lunchtime sandwich – takes weekly bread costs up to about £1.40.  We use a £1.20 loaf a week, best shop bought otherwise which is the yard stick.

Verdict: Not a bargain yet but if we could get bored and blasé to the home made, we might be on to a winner.  Some hope!

Also the warming of the flour is a good tip – doesn’t even have to be that warm.  Also for rising, I am using the middle oven either with something else cooking in the bottom oven or with the oven on at rock bottom setting – more important than the warm flour.  Which I had an airing cupboard.


Hello all worlds!

My name is Faith

Welcome to my blog

I would love to become an author & illustrator of fantasy and factual books.  I have always loved writing and drawing but my skills are still a little dodgy.  I plan to test things out in here and see where things lead.  My three main themes are cooking, the life of Fate – my little fae and research relating to both subjects.

A keen online roleplayer, I have a special interest in the late Victorian Era, its culture, invention and discovery.

I was a city girl, moved to the country to live on a shoestring or two in gentile poverty.  This is far from a bad thing.  I am loving learning country ways and ways to tighten my belt.  I hope you will all enjoy my discoveries as much as me.

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